Beautiful Work
All men, all women — not only those who are poor in a material sense — have an
obligation to work. Wealth and abundance of economic means only increase one’s
obligation to feel responsible for the whole of society.
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Employment Opportunities

These postings are AT NO CHARGE for employers and prospective employees. Times
are hard, and we are willing to do our part to improve your mental, physical, and
financial health.

Aesthetic Medicine Today will not post inappropriate submissions, and no effort to
verify either the employer or employee statements are made or implied.  These
resources are at your own risk.  Postings will be maintained for ten (10) days, then
you must resubmit or email your request for re-posting.

Email your posting to . Please include all
information you require since your posting will be emailed to the prospect.

Prospective Employee:
Email your resume to  Please reference the
posting you are responding to so we may send your resume to them.  Do not include
any information which you deem confidential or sensitive since we do not guarantee
the recipient of your information.  
By sending us your resume you hereby release
Aesthetic Medicine Today from any liability arising out of this employment matching
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not send us your resume. (Editor's note: this legal stuff is really stifling, but
unfortunately very necessary.)
I Have Work For:

Video photographer.  Must have own equipment and
be able to edit and produce short form commercials.  Per
diem and project.  Independent contractor.

Web designer.  Must have at least original 25 web
designs.  Per diem and project.  Independent Contractor.

Sales associate.  Five years experience in cold calls
and face to face presentations.  Commission based only.  
Local travel.

Receptionist.  6 hours per day.  Must have excellent
phone skills, sales experience a plus.

Hair Stylist.  Rent your own station.  Downey.

Esthetician.  Long Beach.  
I Want To Work:

RN. CA licensed RN with critical care experience.  Employed
full-time in local hospital.  Seeking a few hours per week in
private office setting.

Realtor. Licensed realtor with five years experience seeking
North OC, Cerritos local brokerage.

Electrician. State Certified Electrician.