Weight Management

Weight Management is a daily struggle for most people.  Some struggle with weight
loss and others with weight gain.  This issue is not unique to any particular group,
culture, or age group.  We find the same issues worldwide.

There are many hypothesis and opinions regarding weight management and its
strategies.  Here we will present academic information to assist you in understanding
why the issue exists and what you may be able to do in response.

The basic tenets of weight management are simple to understand: Calories In vs.
Calories Out.   Calories In refers to what you eat, and Calories Out is how many
calories you burn daily.  To maintain your weight, the two should be equal.  To lose
weight, the Calories Out should be greater than Calories In.  To gain weight, Calories
In should be greater than Calories Out.  

Diet usually refers to a reduction in total calories; it should mean the correct number
of Calories In WITH the correct ratio of Protein-Carbs-Fat.

Calories Out should mean Exercise induced expenditure of stored energy (fat loss).

The information provided is just that, information.  Do not attempt to employ any
particular strategy or protocol without first discussing your personal situation with
your physician.  Any information provided herein is not intended to diagnose, infer,
treat, or cure any disease.  No advertisement is researched for accuracy or endorsed.
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