Nerium AD: Anti-Aging Real Science and Real Results

Malignant Melanoma –Squamous Cell - Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Hepatitis, and HIV
research and treatment outcomes of the core molecules at the Cleveland Clinic, Duke
Univ, MD Anderson, Louisiana State Univ, U Texas-San Antonio, and independent
clinical research at ST&T Laboratories confirm that NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment,
dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation,
uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or sun-damaged skin. NeriumAD
when used daily has proven to be safe for all skin types.

If you could reduce your wrinkles and dark spots by 50% in 30 days for only $80,
would you do it?

• NeriumAD is a novel Anti-Aging skin care product derived from clinical research and
patient care. “An accidental discovery” of Anti-Aging effects during cancer treatments.
• The unprecedented clinical testing and results of NeriumAD reveals a huge
differential compared to other anti-wrinkle and brightening skin care products known
in the industry.
• Our relationship with Nerium Biotechnology (owner of the patents, sourcing, and
lengthy biotechnology research of the core molecules) creates a huge barrier of entry
ensuring that our products will never be replicated.
• When you combine our breakthrough product in the dominant anti-aging category
in the skincare industry with high customer retention due to the clinical results, it
provides you the foundation for a real personal anti-aging improvement and financial
• Not available in retail stores.  
• On-line single purchase price: $110 or monthly auto-ship: $80 : In-Office price: $150

• The anti-aging market is an $80 billion-dollar industry in the US alone, and is
expected to grow to $114 billion within the next three years.
• Nine of the top ten billion-dollar direct sales companies are in the beauty category.
• Over 50% of the wealth generated in the direct sales industry comes from the
beauty category, which is larger than all other categories combined.
• Consumer loyalty and retention to skincare specifically anti-aging, is very high.

A Real Opportunity - Financial Independence
Come join us in telling others about our revolutionary product and begin building your
financial freedom. Nerium International has built the most honest and sustainable
unilevel compensation plan that provides a path to success for both immediate and
long-term income and wealth.

Editors Comment: Since September 2011 our staff has been using Nerium AD on
different body parts (face, neck, eyelids, arms, hands, tummy, etc).  The staff
overwhelmingly reports that they "can see improvement in wrinkles and loose skin in 5
days."  Two of our staff reported less than exceptional results when used on the face for
"sun spots; these two staffers are Hispanic and Asian.  The remaining staffers
(Caucasian) have reported 50% reduction in their sun spots in one month.  My
assessment is that Nerium AD "works" and works quickly.  Nerium is an MLM, but don't
let the auto-ship stop you from looking youthful for only $80 per month.
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