Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Sweat....  we need it....  BUT...  sometimes it's just a little too much at the wrong time!

Hyperhydrosis is a medical term that refers to excessive sweating from the
underarms, hands, and feet.  It is not part of the natural cooling mechanism. It is a
medical condition that is typically uncontrollable and occurs in heat and cold
environments.  It tends to occur more often in times of stress, both physical and
emotional.  No pinpoint triggers are known...  it just happens!

This type of sweat mechanism abnormality is known as primary hyperhydrosis.  It
occurs in 2-3% of the US population (millions of Americans).

Other causes such as cancer and hormone abnormalities can cause excessive
sweating and this is termed secondary hyperhydrosis.

Upto a few years ago, there was no known treatment except for repeated
applications of anti-perspirant and Kleenex wads!

Today we have 2 FDA approved treatments for primary hyperhydrosis.  Botox is FDA
approved for injection into the sweat and odor producing glands of the underarms.  
MiraDry is also FDA approved for destruction of both sweat and odor glands in the
underarm region.  Both treatments require multiple treatments.  Botox is temporary
while MiraDry touts 86% total destruction of both sweat and odor glands.


Botox typically costs $1200 every 4-6 months.  MiraDry is new technology requiring 2
sessions (3 months apart) at a total cost of $3500.


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